The right lighting makes all the difference. Especially when we are talking about exterior lighting and your porch or deck. This is a place where safety matters in multiple ways when it comes to lighting for things like knowing your entryway is safe, deterring porch pirates, and just plain making it easy to find your keys when it’s time to turn the lock. Of course, aesthetics also matter when it comes to porch lighting.

With so much going on in one seemingly small, simple, yet important place, we decided to get granular about a lot of the important factors that go into choosing the best outdoor porch lighting to meet your goals.

Defining Your Porch Lighting Goals

To truly find the best porch lighting for your home, landscaping, and exterior we first need to take the time to identify and define what your goals are. This might include things like:

  • Being able to quickly find your keys
  • Make sure no one is on your porch in the dark
  • Deterring unwanted entry
  • Deterring porch pirates and package thieves
  • The amount of light coming from street lights and other sources
  • Aesthetics to match your home and/or landscaping

For a lot of homeowners, security and safety is the top concern when it comes to selecting a porch light or porch lighting fixtures. This starts with making sure that any unwanted individuals feel uncomfortable on your porch or deck as well as making it easy to find your house keys on a crowded key chain.

Of course, if security was the only concern, we would all have 1,000-Watt sodium flood lights beaming on our deck and porch. So, aesthetics also matter. This includes things like the colors of your home, how the intended porch light will blend with the rest of your home, and exterior lighting. In some cases, you might even want a porch light that matches your existing landscaping features.

Porch Lighting Locations

A lot of people have at least one exterior light fixture immediately near the main door to their house. Though many homes have large porches, decks, and even wrap-around walkways. Making sure that these are properly lit is also important. Take the time to think about:

  • Lights for all entryways
  • Lights at corners of your home
  • Lights that might shine into your home accidentally
  • Lighting locations that might cause or solve harsh shadows

The underlying goal with each lighting option is to provide your home with a different look and feel while also addressing any security needs. If you are thinking about adding new lights in any location, you need to make sure the measurements for the light and the building are 100% accurate to ensure that it will fit in the location you choose. The last thing you want is to purchase new lights only to discover they don’t fit where you want them.

Understand Your Lighting Options

Exterior light technology has advanced rapidly in recent years. Today there is a stunning variety of lighting options to choose from to better illuminate your porch. This includes things like Flush and semi-flush lights which provide widespread lighting for homes with a large front porch or deck.

At the same time while wall sconces do a great job of creating visual interest, and enhancing the aesthetics of your porch. They can be spread around the exterior of your home as well as integrated to match with any landscaping lighting concepts. Their location is very versatile. You can place white wall scones near doors and windows, or even hang them overhead as pendants.

String lights are an increasingly popular way for homeowners to add lights to the porch or enhance exterior features like decks and walkways. They can be used in a myriad of ways to create a beautiful ambiance. String lights can either be added to complement your existing lights or used separately.

However, exterior string lights help produce a mellow, understated look, they don’t provide a lot of light for things like porch security. So, if you are concerned about maximizing the security of your home’s exterior, string lights are more likely going to be added to some other type of floodlighting or overhead lighting fixture.

Security Benefits Of Motion Lights

A lot of homeowners who are concerned about exterior safety will choose to have their homes outfitted with motion lights in key locations. This is typically at the corners of the home as well as near all doors. Including the primary garage doors and side access doors.

Not only do motion lights activate when someone approaches to deter would-be thieves and porch pirates, but they also come in handy for times when you just need to find your keys in the bottom of your purse.

Programmable Lighting Systems & Security Lighting Systems

Programmable and remote control lighting systems can easily be paired with modern-day home security systems. This gives you blanket control of your home’s lighting and the ability to see what is going on, even when you are away on vacation.

Programmable systems can be linked to your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to let you alter your home’s interior and exterior lighting via an app. Not only is this more energy-efficient than simple timed lights, but it can also give would-be intruders the impression that you are home, even when you aren’t. These systems can also be linked to home surveillance systems to make it easier for a security camera to get a clear picture of a trespasser’s face.

Choosing The Right Bulb Options & Colors

When it comes to the aesthetics of exterior lighting, warm lights tend to work best for porch lights as well as entertainment areas like your deck or outdoor grill station. Warm lights are not harsh on the eyes, yet they still provide sufficient light to let everyone move around safely.

Professional Installation For Porch & Exterior Lights

Installing your own porch and exterior lights can be a challenge for even the handiest of homeowners. While you might be capable of wiring them and installing them, even a minor error that leads to an electrical fire can potentially void your homeowner’s insurance.

When you contract a professional to handle all your exterior lighting upgrades and installation, you can trust that everything is being done right the first time. The lights will be installed safely and up to all pertinent codes.