What Is A Smart House And What Does That Mean?

What is a Smart House and what does it even mean?

The term “Smart House” certainly sounds like the kind of thing you want.

I mean if you are searching for real estate online, you aren’t going to enter the term “Dumb Home” into the browser. Yet it still begs the question, what constitutes a “Smart Home?”

The short answer is that a smart home is a residence or multi-family dwelling that has been equipped or upgraded with automated devices. This usually includes sophisticated electronics, voice activation features, and other energy efficient solutions for modern living.

Some of these options might be built into the home from the new construction level or added at a later date. Indeed, many modern remodeling contractors are embracing home automation and energy efficient options when advising their clients.

The level of sophistication that goes into a “Smart Home” can vary depending on your needs and interests. This can include things like:

Integrated sound systems

Voice activation features

Surveillance cameras

Security systems

Computer connectivity

Security systems

Lighting systems

Smart appliances

Smart hubs

Smart thermostats

Automated HVAC systems

What Are the Benefits Of A Smart Home? 

On the face of it, a smart home is energy efficient as well as able to make multiple facets of your life more convenient. For most people, it is the energy savings and reduced energy footprint that first inspires them to look into Smart Home features. Yet it doesn’t take long for the appeal of home automation and smart appliances to also take root. Depending on where you live, and the value of your home smart home security systems can also provide you with the kind of peace of mind that you simply can’t put a price tag on.

Smart Home Security Systems 

These days the marketplace is flooded with a variety of home security system options. Some have sophisticated features, others are basic. Some homeowners even prioritize third-party monitoring services.

A smart home security system has two primary benefits. The first is when you are away, and you need to make sure that your property is secure. Most of these systems can be linked to your smartphone or another wireless device. This allows you to check on your property and receive alerts regardless of if you are running errands on the other side of town or if you are traveling to another country.

The other major benefit of a smart home security system is when you are home and unwanted persons investigate your home or attempt to break in. Many of these systems can be integrated with exterior lights, interior lights, camera systems, doorbells and sound systems that can effectively scare away would-be intruders. They can also be linked to a fast alert system that helps you communicate with local law enforcement.

Home Automation Features for Convenient Modern Living 

Home automation isn’t necessarily the first thing that attracts individuals to the “Smart Home Concept.” Yet it quickly becomes something that nearly everyone wants to incorporate to some degree.

Many people are aware of robot vacuum cleaner robots, or in-wall vacuum systems. However, home automation has continued to evolve from there. This includes smart appliances, with monitoring systems, high-efficiency laundry systems, home audio systems, and other entertainment technology.

Many of these systems can be integrated with consumer voice systems like:

Amazon Echo

Google Home Mini

Google Home

Sonos One

Harmon Kardon Invoke

Apple HomePod

Home Automation Entertainment

Enhanced home entertainment systems are some of the more attractive home automation features. State of the art sound systems can be installed in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and other key parts of the home. Entertainment centers in the family room can also be augmented with other flat screens in key rooms. Other features to consider include:

Integrated gaming systems

Voice-activated lighting controls

Digital Assistants

DVR systems

Smart speaker systems

What Are Smart Speakers? 

There are several manufacturers who are pioneering the concept of Smart Speakers. This is an innovative audio system that responds to voice commands. Many digital assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo can be connected to improve functionality.

Home Automation Appliances and Controls

Every year home automation technology continues to grow. Not only can these options make your life more convenient, but many can also help you save money on your utility bills.

What Is A Smart Thermostat?

A so-called “Smart Thermostat” can be integrated with your smartphone, computer, or another wireless device to let you more accurately control the environment of your home remotely. Most of them can also be programmed to operate at certain times and conditions. Special sensors that read temperature and humidity levels can be set to trigger the system based on the criteria you enter. These programs can also be set to do things like turn up the heat or air conditioning an hour or two before you return home from work. The system then spends the off-hours when you are away operating at lesser levels, which ultimately reduces the amount of energy you home consumers on an average day.

What Are Smart Lights? 

Just like a smart thermostat, smart lights can be linked to your phone or another device through an app. This allows you to turn lights on and off remotely. You can also program smart lights in your home to come on when a garage door or passage door is opened.

Many smart light systems can also be integrated with home security and monitoring system. Special alerts can be sent to your phone should someone attempt to access your property while you are away. This can also include things like exterior lights, motion lights, video surveillance equipment, and even exterior sound systems.

It also allows you to contact law enforcement with a more detailed explanation of the problem. Not only can this help improve response times, but it can also increase the chances of law enforcement personnel apprehending the individuals in question. Video recording devices that are linked to lighting system alerts can also help gather evidence.

Smart lights can also be programmed to come on at key times. This can help mimic the appearance that someone is home, when in fact you could be a great distance away. A feature like this is especially helpful for deterring potential intruders from targeting your vacation property.

What Are Smart Locks?

Smart locks are part of a suite of security features. It allows you to lock and unlock exterior as well as interior doors via a wireless device app. Many smart lock features are integrated with home security camera and other security alert features.

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